"The GFA has long been the most comprehensive US-based source of information on the guitar community's news, its teaching institutions, recordings, scholars, as well as its brightest talents. I cannot imagine either an aficianado or aspiring guitarist being fully informed without the aid of their GFA membership."
-Jason Vieaux, 
Cleveland, Ohio
At the national level, Sacramento Guitar Society recommends the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and literary organization. To join the GFA or learn more, click into their website.

"The GFA has a long history of wonderful work promoting the guitar in all its facets. I am proud to be a member and I feel that all serious guitar lovers will enjoy great benefits from their membership. Go ahead, join now!"
-David Russell, Vivo, Spain


Sacramento Guitar Society Membership Categories and Annual Fees Summary

Full Time Students - $20 - includes SGS Guitar Sampler CD, concert discounts & Email notifications
General Member - $40 - includes SGS Guitar Sampler CD, concert discounts & Email notifications
Performer/Teacher - $40 - includes ABOVE plus T-shirt, teacher listing and other benefits

Donor Member:
Patron - $100+   includes SGS Guitar Sampler CD, concert discounts, email alerts plus listing in concert programs
Sponsor - $300+    includes ABOVE plus Sponsor School Outreach Program with recognition
Benefactor - $500+   includes ABOVE plus Assisted Living Center Performances, recognition and two reserved premium seats at a concert
Maestro - $1000+   includes ABOVE plus Premium Seating for 4 at a concert

ALL MEMBERS receive half-off special DYNAMITE GUITARS in San Francisco with their member code. (Code delivered by SGS email.)

General Member  $40.00
The "General" category is open to anyone who has an interest in and/or desire to learn about the classic and related guitar, i.e. flamenco, fingerstyle acoustic, harp guitar, etc. General and Student Members are given the opportunity to obtain instruction from member teachers at a discounted rate (a free or discounted lesson after a member has taken five lessons from member teachers.) General Members are also entitled to retailer discounts.
Includes complimentary Guitar Sampler CD Volume One or T-shirt.

Performing/Teacher Member  $40.00
Limited to those whose income is mainly derived from the performing and/or teaching of classical and related guitar. SGS Performers and Teachers are given prominent recognition in the Society communications, web site, and other public awareness activities. Arrangements are being made with guitar retailers to provide appropriate discounts to performers and teachers (higher discount than given General Members.) Includes complimentary Guitar Sampler CD Volume One or T-shirt.

Student Member $20.00
Students include anyone of K-12 age (without the need of evidence) and those enrolled in higher education (with evidence of such enrollment  at no less than one-half time student status).  The dues are 1/2 that of General Members. Student Members receive the same benefits as General Members. Includes complimentary Guitar Sampler CD Volume One.

Honorary Member - No Fee
This is a special category to recognize someone who has given outstanding effort and demonstrated special talent as a teacher and/or performer.  Individuals who are so recognized should be a resident of the geographic area served by the Society and need not be a Member of the Society.  Where possible, such individuals should be given recognition when becoming an Honorary Member at a performance or other appropriate event.  There are no dues associated with becoming an Honorary Member. The award must be approved by a majority of the SGS Board. Once awarded, the individual retains the membership. 

Life Member - No Fee
A Life Membership may be awarded after a Member has maintained continuous membership in the Society for ten years and has made considerable contribution to the SGS through volunteering or other means.  Such an award must be approved by a majority of the SGS Board. On becoming a Life Member, the individual no longer pays dues.

Retail Member - No Fee
Retail Memberships are for those establishments that sell classic guitars and related equipment and materials.  Such establishments will be given prominent advertisement type displays in Society publications, other materials that have general distribution, and the Society web site.  Dues may be forgiven in lieu of discounts given members. Includes complimentary Guitar Sampler CD Volume One.

Free Classified Ads
For all members except retailers, we offer FREE classified ads on our website FOR SALE page, limited to guitars and cases.

The Sacramento Guitar Society’s
Guitar Sampler, Volume One

Join now and receive the Sacramento Guitar Society Guitar Sampler CD FREE, featuring
14 Sacramento regional artists - 76 minutes of music! The tracks:

1. Brandon Yip – Introduction from Valses Poeticos, Enrique Granados
2. Brandon Yip – Melodico, from Valses Poeticos, Enrique Granados
3. Jamey Bellizzi – Mantillas de Feria, Esteban Sanlucar 
4. Daniel Roest – Mazurka, Daniel Fortea
5. Daniel Roest – Caçique, Attilio Bernardini
6. Louis Valentine Johnson – Rumóres de la Caleta, Isaac Albéniz
7. Ray Zhou – Fantasia 1a, John Dowland
8. Ray Zhou – Passacaglia, Silvius Leopold Weiss
9. Greg Williams – For Francesca, Greg Williams
10.Greg Williams – So Lovely, So Lonely, Greg Williams
11.Elizabeth Busch – La Catedral: Preludio (Saudade), Agustín Barrios Mangoré
12.Elizabeth Busch – La Catedral: Andante Religioso, Agustín Barrios Mangoré
13.Elizabeth Busch – La Catedral: Allegro Solemne, Agustín Barrios Mangoré
14.Matthew Grasso – Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte, Maurice Ravel 
15.Harold Sexton – Sonata in B Minor, Domenico Cimarosa
16.Harold Sexton – Prelude, BWV 998, Johann Sebastian Bach
17.Gabriel Becker – Madroños, Federico Moreno Torroba
18.Sean O’Connor – Fantasía, Luys de Narvaez
19.Sean O’Connor – Prelude from the First Cello Suite, Johann Sebastian Bach
20.George England with Dr. Cathie Apple, Flute – Bordel 1900, Astor Piazzolla
21.Gilda Taffet  –  raw time, Gilda Taffet
22.Anatoliy Yevsyukov - Cuban Dance

Compiled by Daniel Roest, Summer 2010
“…it's really lovely!  Professional sound quality and very fine guitar playing!” 
– Brad Slocum, Music At Noon Program Director, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento
"Northridge Music is happy to support the Sacramento Guitar Society. We really believe and support what you guys are doing - whatever we can do to help your members and their students, we're here for that."
Chris Teresi, President and General Manager

More Retail Members:

The Strum Shop
Goyette Guitar Center
Kline Music Center
The Nicholson Music Company
Dimple Records

The Sacramento Guitar Society’s      

Guitar Sampler

Volume One

Gabriel Becker, Jamey Bellizzi, Elizabeth Busch, George England, Matthew Grasso, Louis Valentine Johnson, Sean O’Connor, Daniel Roest, Harold Sexton, Gilda Taffet, Greg Williams, Anatoliy Yevsyukov, Brandon Yip, Ray Zhou 

Student Member $20.00
General Member $40.00
Performer/Teacher Member $40.00
New members receive the Sacramento Guitar Society Guitar Sampler CD FREE, featuring 14 Sacramento area artists & 76 minutes of music! Or, as an alternative, one of our attractive SGS T-shirts in men's and women's sizes. All groups like ours need support, and you can really make a difference, whether by donation, membership, or both. Consider our programs and what your contribution supports. We invite you to look over our membership categories below and choose what fits. 

The Sacramento Guitar Society is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization,  and as such, contributions to the Sacramento Guitar Society are federal tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

We are also a California non-profit corporation and are exempt from California franchise or income tax as determined by the State of California Franchise Tax Board.

The laws regarding taxable donations are very specific, so always check with a qualified tax accountant regarding the deductability of your planned giving. 

Questions? For further details write to Janice Kuykendall, Membership Chair.
Either use our PayPal account button, sign up at a Sacramento Guitar Society Event or send a physical check for the appropriate amount, payable to "Sacramento Guitar Society" at this address:
SGS c/o
Janice Kuykendall, 11 Spray Ct., Sacramento, CA 95831
(Memo Note - EIN 59-3777305) 

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