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SGS brings international artists directly to students at are schools. Here, music students at Folsom High School pose after a concert and Q & A with Yameng Wang and Meng Su of the Beijing Guitar Duo. Music faculty Ginger Ekroth is at far right, and SGS Artistic Director Daniel Roest at far left.

The Sacramento Guitar Society has a range of programs on behalf of community education, support and outreach:

  • SCHOOL OUTREACH - connecting youth with professional musicians
  • CONCERTS - experience guitar performances in person
  • GUITAR ORCHESTRA - Sacramento's community guitar orchestra
  • GUITAR CAMPS - teaching guitar to underprivileged youth 
  • GUITAR DONATIONS - moving new and used instruments to students
  • TEACHER DIRECTORY - helping teachers and students find each other
  • GUITAR MASTER CALENDAR - SGS and non-SGS guitar events around the region
  • VOLUNTEERING - we have an ongoing need for members to help produce programs
  • HISTORY PROJECT - recalling decades of SGS activity
  • CLASSIFIEDS - a service to members selling guitars

and more! Scroll down for details:​

The Sacramento Guitar Society has been bringing world-class guitarists to schools since 2011. Students around the region have met and been thrilled by artists from China, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Bosnia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia and the United States. SGS has performed to over 5,000 students in the past two years. 

Russian flamenco guitarist Grisha Goryachev performed at a Rancho Cordova middle school with a large Russian speaking population. During the concert, he spoke Russian to the students and got a big ovation. He then translated to the class in English. His message was to stay in school and obey your teachers. 

Artist Johannes Möller performed at Harry Dewey Fundamental Elementary to play for the assembly, which included a class of deaf/hard of hearing children. A signer interpreted his words, and his performance was captured in vibrations on a balloon held by a totally deaf girl in the front row.

SGS hopes to inspire more children to both enjoy the guitar and consider playing the instrument. While some schools either have guitar classes or have households that can afford lessons for their children, many of the low income schools we visit have neither. SGS wanted to change this, and we are working to provide opportunities for all (as our Mission states). Read on to learn more about the Guitar Camps SGS is helping sponsor and our Guitar Donation project.

SGS has a vibrant concert program that has brought some of the best guitarists to stages in and around Sacramento. Click the ABOUT and VIDEO links for a glance at some of our past artists. Some our our Monthy Meeting get-togethers have had wonderful featured artists from the U.S. and abroad. Check the Calendar to see what's coming up. Let's face it: YouTube clips and anything on a screen can't match the magic of live music. See you at the next concert! 

Another important service the Society provides is sponsoring a guitar orchestra, inaugurated in 2011, which features three- or four-part pieces. Our new conductor for 2014-15 is Sean O’Connor. Sean leads orchestra practices before monthly general meetings, and during the SGSO’s Spring and Holiday concerts. Inaugurated by SGS in 2011 and led by Greg Williams, there are currently 24 members in the orchestra. While sports are known for team building, ensemble playing also develops interdependence for the collective goal. 
If you can read music in first and second positions on your guitar, you should consider playing with the SGSO! The orchestra is open to persons of all ages. 

SFGS offers Guitar Camp scholarships to low-income students. The guitar camp is managed in cooperation with the Sacramento Prep Music Academy, and SGS is able to utilize their classrooms and instructors to make the camps successful. Dozens of low-income students will get a good start in music in a safe, clean, professional environment. They will learn skills to continue in music, including reading, theory, and repertoire. The first Guitar camp began in June 2014. SGS is planning on another camp during the Holiday break in December 2014. We hope to repeat this cycle again in 2015. Future plans also include a yearlong instruction as part of an after school program (possibly in September 2015). 

SGS also needed to find a way to provide instruments for many of these children. As a result, SGS began a guitar donation program, the next part of the outreach program. Read about SGS’s Guitar Donation Project

SGS accepts guitars from persons that have either quit playing guitar or have an extra guitar that is not being used. After SGS receives the guitars, our volunteer luthier, Waylin Carpenter, will restore and “tune up” the instrument by performing necessary repairs. Guitars have been donated to schools, music academies (that teach low income students) and to Folsom Prison. The instruments are matched with new students. SGS also accepts monetary donations. SGS recently purchased ½ and ¾ size guitars for younger students through The Strum Shop (Roseville) at a discounted price. SGS contributed six guitars to Folsom Prison's Prison Arts Program.

TEACHER DIRECTORY - helping teachers and students find each other.​ SGS offers a free listing of all guitar teachers in the region regardless of style, to help students locate a teacher close to where they live or work.

GUITAR MASTER CALENDAR - SGS and non-SGS guitar events around the region. Want to know what happening this week or throughout the year? Click into our Calendar.

HISTORY PROJECT - helping fill in the missing information on the society over several decades. Anyone with any information is asked to contribute.

Another membership privilege - free advertising of used guitars, cases, etc.

VOLUNTEERING - We have many projects that simply need volunteer time - and we also need someone to take over various duties on the Board of Directors. Call Steve at (916) 690-7777 for information, or email. SGS is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven, service oriented arts organization. Engage!
Swedish virtuoso classical guitarist Johannes Möller at Harry Dewey Elementary School in Fair Oaks, CA, October 2012. The child in front with the orange balloon is deaf and experienced the music through vibrations. 
Summer Guitar Camp led by Ben McClara and sponsored by Sacramento Guitar Society through financial aid and guitar donations. Thanks to all who contributed this year!
Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy owner Ben McClara (right) accepts seven guitars from SGS via President Steve Roberts (left) and Artistic Director Daniel Roest. The guitars were purchased at dealer cost from the good folks at The Strum Shop in  Roseville.