​You can help make classical guitar more accessible in Sacramento County by supporting the Sacramento Guitar Society financially. With just $40 annually, $20 for students, YOU can make a difference - AND receive a complimentary Guitar Sampler CD of 14 area guitarists - 76 minutes of quality music. Click the link for more details.

From the Articles of Incorporation:
The specific purpose of this corporation is to promote the art of the guitar and its music by providing education and performance opportunities to people of diverse cultures, ages, abilities, and economic means.  It is the society's aim to raise awareness and to celebrate the richness and diversity of the guitar and its music through monthly meetings, concerts and workshops, special presentations, and community outreach and service.

Founding members are: Daniel Roest, Greg Williams, William Anderson, Stephen Roberts, Harold Sexton, Daniel Rooney, Anatoliy Yevsyukov, Gabe Becker, Sean O'Connor, Herb Tanimoto, Linda Woodson, Tim Jones, Scott Cmiel, Elynor Sue Lorenz, Elizabeth Busch, Joyce Kramer, Eric Gluckman, Chris Castaneda, Preston Kamrar and Nick Vest.

Want to know what Sacramento area guitarists sound like? Scroll down and buy our SGS Guitar Sampler CD, Volume One! 76 minutes of music and 14 guitarists! "Professional sound quality, and very fine guitar playing!"   -Brad Slocum, Music At Noon Director, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento

For further information, browse the website, leave a message at (916) 294-0400 or e-mail us.
Welcome to the Sacramento Guitar Society
- your source of information and activity in the Greater Sacramento Region

The Sacramento Guitar Society’s
Guitar Sampler, Volume One

Join now and receive the Sacramento Guitar Society Guitar Sampler CD FREE, featuring 14 Sacramento regional artists - 76 minutes of music! The tracks:

1. Brandon Yip – Introduction from Valses Poeticos, Enrique Granados
2. Brandon Yip – Melodico, from Valses Poeticos, Enrique Granados
3. Jamey Bellizzi – Mantillas de Feria, Esteban Sanlucar 
4. Daniel Roest – Mazurka, Daniel Fortea
5. Daniel Roest – Caçique, Attilio Bernardini
6. Louis Valentine Johnson – Rumóres de la Caleta, Isaac Albéniz
7. Ray Zhou – Fantasia 1a, John Dowland
8. Ray Zhou – Passacaglia, Silvius Leopold Weiss
9. Greg Williams – For Francesca, Greg Williams
10.Greg Williams – So Lovely, So Lonely, Greg Williams
11.Elizabeth Busch – La Catedral: Preludio (Saudade), Agustín Barrios Mangoré
12.Elizabeth Busch – La Catedral: Andante Religioso, Agustín Barrios Mangoré
13.Elizabeth Busch – La Catedral: Allegro Solemne, Agustín Barrios Mangoré
14.Matthew Grasso – Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte, Maurice Ravel 
15.Harold Sexton – Sonata in B Minor, Domenico Cimarosa
16.Harold Sexton – Prelude, BWV 998, Johann Sebastian Bach
17.Gabriel Becker – Madroños, Federico Moreno Torroba
18.Sean O’Connor – Fantasía, Luys de Narvaez
19.Sean O’Connor – Prelude from the First Cello Suite, Johann Sebastian Bach
20.George England with Dr. Cathie Apple, Flute – Bordel 1900, Astor Piazzolla
21.Gilda Taffet  –  raw time, Gilda Taffet
22.Anatoliy Yevsyukov - Cuban Dance

Compiled by Daniel Roest, Summer 2010
“…it's really lovely!  Professional sound quality and very fine guitar playing!” 
– Brad Slocum, Music At Noon Director, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento

The Sacramento Guitar Society (SGS) is a non-profit educational and service organization that has existed in one form or another since at least 1961 – drawn together by the classical guitar and its music. In the course of countless gatherings in homes, schools and community centers to share music and camaraderie, guitar teachers and their students, professional concert artists, amateur aficionados and the public have met to enjoy this art form and the related styles that can overlap, including flamenco, jazz and steel-string fingerstyle.

The classical guitar is noted for its special quality of soothing, contemplative and intimate music, and today’s concert will have that as well as lively, exciting selections. Classical guitar playing requires special training and rigorous study, and today’s performers have been pursuing excellence in their art for many years, including some earning masters’ degrees in classical guitar performance.

Over the decades of its existence, SGS has had people take the helm for a time, scheduling meetings and “keeping things going.” Currently that role is held by SGS President Steve Roberts, taking over from Past-President Daniel Roest, noted for his work in the '90s leading the South Bay Guitar Society, now one of the largest such organizations in the country. Starting with building a service based website (including listing contact information for every guitar teacher in the county) and continuing with building up a board of directors, clarifying the mission, hosting monthly meetings and planning programs, Daniel has upped the energy of the classical guitar scene in California’s North Central Valley and Sierra Foothills. After six years as President, Daniel continues as Artistic Director. Steve brings decades of administrative experience in the California State Water Resources Board and a passion for the guitar and the Society's work.

As an SGS fundraiser and a show of talent available right here, Daniel produced the first Sampler CD for SGS this summer. It features 14 guitarists and 76 minutes of high quality music, and it can be yours for just $12, $10 for members after the included FREE CD with new membership! Why not grab this opportunity to get some excellent, unique presents for friends, family and co-workers?

Another reason to support SGS through purchase of the CD and membership: we want to bring guitar music to non-traditional audiences – those who can’t get out to venues such as we are in today. There are more – ask our artists and our board members for information, and join us at our free monthly meetings at Sacramento State's Capistrano Hall. See our Calendar for details.

The Sacramento Guitar Society’s      

Guitar Sampler

Volume One

Gabriel Becker, Jamey Bellizzi, Elizabeth Busch, George England, Matthew Grasso, Louis Valentine Johnson, Sean O’Connor, Daniel Roest, Harold Sexton, Gilda Taffet, Greg Williams, Anatoliy Yevsyukov, Brandon Yip, Ray Zhou 

West Coast Guitar 
Societies Roundtable
We produced a very successful conference for guitar 
societies from Canada to California - check it out!

Roundtable Group Photo

Appreciation Gallery
Sacramento boasts one of the more active and successful guitar societies in the country, with "unbelievably good" international touring artists appearing in an ideal listening environment - the Scott-Skillman Recital Hall at Three Stages at Folsom Lake College, plus U.S. and international featured artists at our "3rd Sunday" monthly meetings at Sacramento State's Capistrano Hall, Choral Hall Room 151 and the Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy. Take in an event and see what you're missing!

The Sacramento Guitar Society was established to promote and share the art of the classical guitar and related music by providing education and performance opportunities to people of diverse cultures, ages and abilities. It has existed in the Sacramento region in one form or another since at least 1961.  In its present form, SGS continues to adhere to its perennial mission of increasing access to the arts for all. We often bring top name artists to schools on days adjacent to their concerts, to the absolute delight of the students. It's a drop in the bucket, but we are doing more each year. 

For anyone interested in the guitar, whether as a player or as someone who just enjoys music, the Sacramento Guitar Society is a place to share your interest in a friendly and welcoming environment. Enjoy our monthly events! A small sampling of past events:
From left, Daniel Roest, SGS President/Artistic Director; Greg Williams, Director of Sacramento Guitar Orchestra and SGS Board Member; Sean O'Connor, local teaching artist and past Board Member.
76 minutes of music and 14 guitarists! "Professional sound quality, and very fine guitar playing!" -Brad Slocum, Music At Noon Director, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento
Classical Guitar Instruction Program at Folsom Prison

"The culture of a thousand years is shattered with the clanging of the cell door behind you," wrote Johnny Cash about prison life.

The Creative Arts Program Arts in Corrections at California State Prison Sacramento-Folsom has developed an instructional classical guitar program. The prison has a long history of community supported fine arts programs. Gabe Becker is currently teaching one instructional workshop weekly with hopes of expanding to at least two classes. Gabe volunteers his time and has ten students (8 inmates and 2 staff who assist and study alongside the inmates). 

The program has been very well received. The students are conscientious and are progressing rapidly. Arts programs have a very positive affect on the individual participants and the prison community as a whole. Participation in the arts fosters a sense of self-esteem, develops creative and critical thinking skills, requires self-discipline and cooperation, all of which lead to improved behavior inside the prison and increases the potential for successful parole.

Here's a message from Gabe:

Hi Daniel,
Here's an update on the prison program for you:
There is as much transition for the lives of the inmates as with anyone - they come and go for all kinds of reasons. Right now the program is oscillating between 2 and 5 students. The hope is that expansion happens through equipping the most committed students for a teaching role for other inmates of which are not accessible by volunteers like me. Of course, the goal is to provide a means of accomplishment and source of esteem in a traditionally artistically sterile environment through the study of classical guitar.

As to stories, I can relate this to the SGS - a letter from one of the mothers of the participants [their names have been omitted]

"Dear Gabe,  
I wanted to let you know that you can continue to be proud of your musicians in A Facility as [they] performed beautifully yesterday in visiting. They played from 10:00 - 2:00 and wowed everyone. They were polished, professional and absolutely stunning. They left their nerves at the door and were flawless. I asked one of the musicians to play his 3 solos from the recital, and he did them as if he'd been playing them forever. Another, too did a fabulous job with everything, and what can I say about my son!! Apparently, he's been working on some kind of a personal adaptation of Romanze, and hearing it, I was speechless. 
My gratitude to you for all that you've done to bring these talents to light. You are truly a gift that has walked into all of their lives, and they know it.  
Thanks again, Gabe for all that you've done for all of the men there. I will never forget you.
Mother of Folsom Prison Classical Guitar Program student "

Sacramento Guitar Society supports the Folsom Prison CGP with donated nylon-string guitars either purchased new or repaired by El Dorado Hills luthier Waylin Carpenter.
Coordinating Grisha's visit to schools, from left: Gary Roach - volunteer, Daniel Roest- SGS President / Artistic Director, Grisha Goryachev, Nancy Exley - SGS Secretary, Dan McCrossen - Mills Music Teacher, Steve Roberts - SGS Vice- President / Treasurer
Zaira Meneses poses with students at the inner-city after school Moral Values Program in Sacramento after performing and working with the group.
SGS provides access to:

• guitar concerts
• a community guitar orchestra
• educational and entertaining outreach programs
• performance opportunities
• guitar-related information
• masterclasses & workshops
• collecting guitars to support youth outreach
• member discounts
• mutual support
• good music

Appreciation Page - click for photos and letters of thanks 
Music students at Folsom High School pose after a concert and Q & A with Yameng Wang and Meng Su. Music faculty Ginger Ekroth is at far right.

"Daniel, It was an extraordinary afternoon and we will definitely look for your other [Sacramento Guitar Society] concerts. Johannes was a delight to listen to, as well as to watch. The music seemed to pour from his entire being. What a wonderful performer he is! I enjoyed meeting you and greatly appreciate the photos. Many thanks. We, in Folsom, are so lucky to have our wonderful venue at Three Stages."
-Donna Thomas

"Last week, Daniel Roest of the Sacramento Guitar Society came to MVP to teach music to our middle and high school students. He surprised us with a special guest: Mr. Ray Zhou, a classical guitarist who performed brilliantly. Listening to their music, while sitting in our humble classroom in a neighborhood where typical sounds include loud voices from the street and helicopters above, was an amazing elevation of our spirits. We are so grateful to our two guests and to the Guitar Society for including a small group of kids in their thoughts and planning. Thank you again for the exceptional experience you provided us with last week."
​-Laura Caraccio, MVP Teacher

"Dear Sean, Greg and Daniel, 
On behalf of the Auburn Community Concert Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your performance, on July 12, [2012] at The Arts Building in Auburn. Your music selections were well performed and enjoyable. It was especially thoughtful. It was especially thoughtful for SGS to play two selections with our guest artist, Giorgio [Khokhobashvili, violin] .
Also appreciated are your efforts to publicize our concert series. I am sure SGS had a lot to do with the added attendance at this concert.
I hope that we can work together again in the future.
Connie Burns, President
Auburn Community Concert Association"
Guitar Society
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