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A Sacramento Guitar Society Program

Guitar Ensemble Music - Three and Four Part Guitar Orchestra Fun!
Hello Friends!
This season’s Holiday Concert will feature a broad program, including the theme music from Tchaikovsky’s timeless masterpiece “Swan Lake,” selections from contemporary composer and arranger Andrew Forrest, Robert Jones’ lute song “What if I Sped,” as well as several delightful holiday arrangements. Our orchestra continues to grow in both numbers and musicianship, and I hope to see you at our next rehearsal, whether you’re a guitar player interested in participating, or a music lover ready to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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​See you soon!
Sean O'Connor
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"It was a treat for Gregory [Newton] and me to play for the Sacramento Guitar Society. It's gratifying to see such a thriving organization. I'm especially glad to see the guitar orchestra component, involving many more of the members. That's a great idea. Many thanks for all your help and hospitality."
David Grimes, Spring 2013
Greetings! I am honored and excited to be the Sacramento Guitar Society Orchestra's Director.  Our 2014 program builds on the excellence achieved by Greg Williams, the original director, and all of the fine players in the orchestra. It's a fun, inclusive, and enriching opportunity for guitarists to come together and make beautiful music!
​        Sean O'Connor, Director
"Guitar Orchestra"...
 What's that? 

The Sacramento Guitar Society Orchestra is Sacramento County's resource for a community based ensemble for guitar, sponsored by the Sacramento Guitar Society. It's an inclusive and fun activity directed by Sean O'Connor, and an opportunity to develop you music and reading skills. Rehearsals are the hour before SGS meetings, typically the 3rd Sunday of the month, 1:45pm. Click into the links here for samples of repertoire. Come check out a rehearsal and just bring your guitar and get started!

Dates scheduled for upcoming SGSO 
rehearsals are:  (all Sundays, 1:45pm)

August 24, SPMA                       
Sept. 14, CSUS
October 19, SPMA                       
November 23 , CSUS                   
December 21 HOLIDAY CONCERT, CSUS               
January  18, SPMA
February 22, SPMA
March 15, CSUS
April 19, SPMA
June OFF
Rehearsals scheduled for upcoming SGSO are either at CSUS at Capistrano Hall Room 151 or Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy (SPMA).

Map Links:
CSUS Capistrano Hall 
Campus Map Link

3823 V. Street Sacramento, CA 95817: (916) 207-5678